For the perfect wedding smile

PUBLISHED: 15:22 15 April 2010 | UPDATED: 17:03 20 February 2013

For the perfect wedding smile

For the perfect wedding smile

For the perfect wedding day smile you need the right advice. Charlotte Embling asked Dr Lawrence Werber from The Looking Glass Dental Practice for some top tips

AFTER the cake has been eaten and the Champagne drunk, perhaps the longest-lasting tribute to your wedding day will be the photographs. And whats the most important thing in the pictures? Maybe the dress or the car, but most likely the people themselves and their smiling faces.

The value of a great smile cannot be overstated. Consciously or unconsciously, a persons smile is the first thing we register when we look at them and on the happiest day of your life, youre going to be doing a lot of smiling.

Cleanliness begins at home
Caring for that perfectly-captured smile is what it is all about at The Looking Glass Dental Practice in Hadleigh, but it starts with the basics at home. The health of your mouth is the most important aspect to consider. Accurate oral hygiene takes time to do and the techniques have to be learned. Once you know what to do and you are prepared to spend enough time doing it (about ten minutes a day in total), you will be in control of the health of your mouth.
Dr Lawrence Werber from The Looking Glass Dental Practice explains more.

Our philosophy is that how you are looked after and how you look are both equally important to us, says Dr Werber. So, as well as treating you carefully and gently, we will do everything we can to give you the smile you want for yourself.
We take care to talk you through the causes of gum disease and tooth decay, and to help you develop the understanding and the skills you need to prevent dental disease at home and reduce your need for dentistry.

If you are looking to improve your smile, there are a number of options to consider including bleaching, straightening and veneers. Each process has its advantages and disadvantages and its important to make sure you do your research. Your dentist should offer an initial no-obligation consultation and treatment plan and while this may come at a small cost, practices like The Looking Glass Dental Practice will then deduct this from your treatment costs if you decide to go ahead.

5 top teeth tips

1. There is no substitute for good oral hygiene
Dont accept bleeding gums as normal. It is a sign of gum disease. Bleeding on brushing is not the result of brushing too hard, it is the result of inflammation caused by plaque. Plaque is always present in everyones mouth, but the secret of having a healthy mouth is to control plaque with correct oral hygiene techniques.

2. Teeth whitening
The quickest and simplest route to a better looking smile is bleaching. It is a good first step for anybody who is looking to improve their smile. It is easy and harmless, and, together with a professional clean and polish, can be all that you need.

3. Teeth straightening
If you are looking for the ultimate method to change the way your smile looks, then look at cosmetic dentistry. This can involve gently repositioning the teeth with completely invisible, transparent positioners. These are becoming increasingly discreet so you neednt feel self conscious.

4. A complete smile makeover
Remodelling the smile with veneers can create straighter and whiter teeth all in one go.

5. Be prepared for the cost
The cost of different treatments does vary, so do your research carefully and remember to be prepared for consultation fees.

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