Sharon Agates picks her five favourite things

PUBLISHED: 11:30 26 May 2015 | UPDATED: 11:31 26 May 2015




Sharon Agates is the creator of Agape Cottage in Brentwood. Agape Cottage is a unique healing retreat that nourishes your body, heals your heart and nurtures your soul through a selected programme of sessions to help empower you to find peace and control within your life’s circumstances.

1 - My favourite Essex place for a walk

Thorndon Woods, Brentwood

As soon as I drive through the gates of Thorndon Woods, my little pug gets really excited and I feel open and expansive. Here I can let go of the mind chatter and find stillness in communion with nature and God. I love the winding in and out of the trees, especially in the autumn with the sound of the crunching of leaves under foot. Equally I love the summer at Thorndon, when life is more abundant there and you can see the sight of the sun glistening through the trees. It is great food for the soul.

2 - My favourite Essex place to visit

St Andrew’s Church, Greensted Ongar

I have recently come across St Andrew’s Church. It is the oldest wooden church in the world and is right on my door step. The church represents 1,300 years of English history and Christian worship. Over the ages the building has been repaired through the works of the Saxons, Normans, Tudors and Victorians. It is not often that our church doors are left open for visitors - and with a spread of jams and pickles to purchase too. Just pop your money in a box and close the door quietly. The quaint church is well worth a visit.

3 - My Favourite Essex Restaurant

Smiths in Ongar

I don’t often eat out, but when I do, my first choice is always Smiths. The owner, Michael, has created a friendly, family atmosphere with attentive staff. I feel very comfortable walking into Smiths, unlike some other local restaurants where I feel I have to get all dolled up just to enter. The food is always fresh and cooked to a very high standard and I must admit Smiths chips are the best!

4 - My favourite Essex artist

Debbie McIntee from Soulful Creations in Billericay

I love Debbie’s work; she creates art from her soul. She uses different textures and a variety of mediums to create abstract angel wings, glazing them with vibrant colours and powerful heartfelt verses. She has created a unique range of cards that are a blessing to anyone how receives them, along with beautiful canvases of different sizes. I met with Debbie last week to talk through a piece that I have commissioned for her to create for Agape. She is an artist to watch as her work is evolving constantly.

5 – My favourite Essex author

Leigh Ashton from Buckhurst Hill

Leigh is the author of iSell and a particular favourtite of mine, Unlocking Your Winning Sales Mindset. This book is not only full of step by step information that addresses the inner barriers that get in the way of you creating sales, but it has a work book within it. It was priceless for some one like me who is not a sales person at all. Leigh’s techniques incorporate psychology to create positive change in attitude, approach and to boost sales. This book will leave you inspired and motivated to take action.

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