Kimberley Chambers talks about her creative process

PUBLISHED: 11:55 27 May 2014




Kimberley Chambers is a crime writer from Dagenham. Her latest book, Payback, was published by Harper Collins in January 2014

How have your real life experiences inspired your books?

I come from a small but humorous family, and being an only child I was a people watcher from quite a young age. Living on a council estate for many years gave me in depth insight into life. I met some real characters working on a clothes stall in the East End of London and I have mixed with many a villain over the years, which is proving great for my writing. All my stories and characters are pure fiction, but living the life I have helps make my books much more realistic.

Do you have any plans to write an autobiography?

Now that would be a bestseller! I have no plans for one at the moment, but one never knows what the future might hold. One thing I could guarantee is my autobiography would be comical in parts, but also a real eye-opener. I was a bit of a wild child once upon a time. My poor mum must have despaired, God rest her soul.

Payback is your latest crime thriller. Tell us a little about it.

Payback is the sequel to my previous book, The Trap. It centres around an East End crime family called the Butlers. Mum Queenie rules the roost, 
but over the years her eldest son Vinny has upset many people ending in tragic circumstances. In Payback, we see Vinny’s daughter go missing. Molly Butler is three when she vanishes from her father’s nightclub one afternoon. The police are immediately suspicious, sensing Molly’s disappearance is some form of revenge aimed at her father. But is it? And will they find 
Molly in time?

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