A message from Essex Life editor Julian Read: We’re #ThereWithYou

PUBLISHED: 16:37 06 April 2020

A message from Essex Life editor Julian Read: We’re #ThereWithYou

A message from Essex Life editor Julian Read: We’re #ThereWithYou


For however long this current situation lasts we want to assure our readers and followers that we will strive to bring you the best of Essex and our county’s amazing community spirit

You only have to look back at my editor’s letter from last month to realise just how dramatically our world has changed.

In our April issue I was looking ahead to the now postponed London Marathon and extolling the virtues of this world-wide event in the way it brought people and communities together.

While many things have paused due to the restrictions to curb Coronavirus, fortunately communities coming together to support one another is a theme that will always continue.

One thing that has occurred to me as this situation has accelerated is that it feels like the gap between the haves and have nots will be opened even wider by this global situation.

Those with the least job security, on the lowest wages and on the lowest reserves of savings will be the most vulnerable to the economic situation that has resulted.

That applies to both individual finances and also the resilience of businesses. Those smaller firms that rely on local trade may not have the economies of scale or the borrowing power to get over this significant uphill struggle.

And Essex Life is in the business of supporting exactly this type of business.

As editor, I am sometimes met with a comment along the lines of, ‘I love your magazine, but it’s so full of adverts’. This is something I will never apologise for. The vast majority of these advertisers are local businesses looking to get their message across to a local audience.

And without the revenue that comes from these businesses, it would be impossible to run a financially viable magazine.

Understandably, many of these local advertisers have decided that this month they need to cut back on advertising to concentrate on core business functions while their activities are limited.

We understand this completely. But Essex Life is determined to continue to support local business, now, next month and then well into the future - just as we have done for close to 70 years.

Over the coming months, we will do whatever it takes to support local businesses in Essex, but this month that has meant publishing the magazine at significant financial cost.

Yes, the magazine could have had a month off. Yes, we could have published online only. But no, now more than ever, delivering a local magazine to the people of Essex was the right thing to do.

As times move on, please do all you can to support the Essex businesses that may well employ your family members, your neighbours or your friends.

Until then, you may want to support Essex Life by subscribing to the magazine at an unusually low price of just six issues for £10.

Help us to give a voice to Essex communities, particularly at this time when people are coming together like never before.

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