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PUBLISHED: 12:59 18 March 2011 | UPDATED: 16:17 20 February 2013

Tri-Peek Pack Shot

Tri-Peek Pack Shot

As a sign of a company's standards of quality, a Royal Warrant is a highly-coveted accolade. Caroline Foster and Petra Hornsby introduce some of the privileged Essex firms holding one...

Essex companies that hold a Royal Warrant

Dengie Crops
DOC Cleaning
The Ford Motor Company
OES (London) Limited
Porter Valmic
Robinsons Soft Drinks Ltd
H & L Russel Ltd
SLS Systems (UK) Ltd
Stanton Hope Ltd
Talk Paper
Tri-Peek International
Waltham Forest Engineering
Wilkin & Sons

DOC Cleaning Company
A right royal clean up

One of the most recent Royal Warrants to be awarded to an Essex company was in February 2008 to Epping-based DOC Cleaning Limited as suppliers of cleaning services.
Formed in 1972 by Robert Andrews and Dave O'Connor and still family owned and run, DOC Cleaning Limited has grown steadily and built up a client list comprising some of London's most prestigious sites including large public buildings, museums and galleries. In 1990 DOC employed around eight to ten staff, but it now has a workforce in the region of 450 and attributes this growth to its reputation as a professional and conscientious
company to work with.

For more than 15 years, DOC has provided cleaning services at the royal palaces and it sees this accolade as the result achieving its aim of keeping clients happy and satisfied and providing a service that is second to none. Director Lee Andrews explains: 'We are proud of the fact that our contract retention rate is very high.'

A refreshing royal success

BRITVIC is undoubtedly an established household name which is synonymous with tradition, quality and Britishness. The business started in the mid-19th century as a small concern operating out of a chemist's shop in Chelmsford and was originally known as the British Vitamin Products Company. Production grew steadily over the decades and in 1938 the company's owner, Ralph Chapman, hit upon a great way to boost the vitamin intake for a society hit by rationing and economic depression by selling fruit juices in bottles that could be transported easily. The juices of course become the company's trademark product, although it didn't change its name to Britvic until 1971.

In 1986 Britvic merged with Canada Dry Rawlings, bringing with them Bass and Whitbread's soft drinks concerns, to become Britvic Soft Drinks. Now the business employs approximately 2,700 people at its main Chelmsford office and a further branch in Solihull, exporting products to more than 50 countries. As UK franchise holders it produces branded drinks such as Pepsi and 7-up and other names in its portfolio include Robinsons, J2O and Tango as well as its own label juices.

Britvic Soft Drinks is proud to hold the Royal Warrant for both its fruit juices and for Robinsons. Sources within the company are not entirely sure when Britvic was originally awarded the Royal Warrant but the accolade has helped to build its reputation as a leading British business.

Tri-Peek International Ltd
A polished performance

TRI-PEEK polish is a product that many households have learned the benefit of over the years - including that of Her Majesty the Queen. Over the years, Tri-Peek polish had been used on the Royal Yacht Britannia along with a variety of other uses required by Buckingham Palace and in 2005 Tri-Peek was awarded the Royal Warrant as purveyors of metal polish.

Founder Robert Peek is naturally very proud to have been awarded the prestigious Royal Warrant and is delighted his product has the royal seal of approval. The company's humble beginnings date back to the 1980s when the polish was first sold out of the back of a car by Robert and then later progressed to its first premises in Epping.

Working less as an abrasive and more on a chemical reaction, the polish became increasingly in demand thanks to its extraordinary results in the triumphant restoration of anything from sinks to boats or bikes to golf clubs.

Tri-Peek's present Saffron Walden base is now the epicentre of the Peek Polish phenomenon which has a glowing reputation across several continents as well as within the royal household.

Reader offer
To try a free sample of Peek Polish, send an SAE to the address below and mention Essex Life magazine.

Tri-Peek International Limited
PO Box 113
Saffron Walden
CB11 4WW

Stanton Hope
Landscaping the perfect business

IN THE mid 1950s Laurie Stanton Hope was running a modest but successful contracting business when he realised the potential for greater income by supplying specialist tools and equipment to his clients and potential customers. Laurie's new business venture back then also included equipment maintenance and the two additional services became so successful that they formed the main focus of business over subsequent years.

Tools and equipment of the highest quality are sourced by this thriving Essex business for professionals who rely on working with the very best; from chainsaws to tree shelters and from protective clothing to measuring apparatus. In 1965 the Royal Warrant was awarded to Stanton Hope as suppliers of forestry equipment and such has been the continued connection with this honour that Stanton Hope's Barry Dexter has recently been appointed vice-president of the Sandringham Association of Royal Warrant Holders for 2010.

SLS Systems (uk) Ltd
Raising expectations

SLS Systems provides a much-needed service that few of us would even cast a thought to, but without which the daily safety of many of us might well be compromised.
For more than 20 years SLS Systems has provided safety equipment and solutions for anything that needs lifting or winching for placement, repair or servicing purposes. As well as the supply of lifting and access equipment, its highly-qualified team of engineers are regularly called upon to carry out onsite tests on a range of existing systems, for example the recent inspection of the safety wires for Big Ben.

In 2007 SLS Systems was rewarded for its services to the royal household when it received the Royal Warrant as lifting and access engineers. Its work for Her Majesty involved the inspection and servicing of chandelier winches and safety wires at Windsor Castle.
SLS Systems also offers a bespoke consultancy and design service that includes the building of gantry systems to help in the cleaning and maintenance of large buildings. Based in Battlesbridge, this company certainly provides peace of mind for many large concerns, both public and private, with a client portfolio that includes EMCOR and Parliamentary Works as well as Her Majesty the Queen.

What is a Royal Warrant?
A Royal Warrant is given as a mark of recognition to individuals or companies who have supplied goods or services for at least five years to HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh or HRH The Prince of Wales. Royal Warrants have always been regarded as symbols of excellence and quality and are highly prized. There are around 850 Royal Warrant Holders from a huge cross-section of trade and industry and these companies are represented by the Royal Warrant Holders Association.

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