Millie the chocolate cockapoo

PUBLISHED: 12:52 11 July 2016 | UPDATED: 15:57 11 July 2016




Martin & Lisa Webb from Breadmore Webb Estate Agents share what they love about Millie, their chocolate cockapoo

Martin & Lisa with MillieMartin & Lisa with Millie

What is special about your pet?

Millie is a chocolate cockapoo and she really is part of our team at Breadmore Webb Estate Agents. She comes to work with us every day and is very popular with clients, and has many canine visitors. Millie also has a few admirers and received several cards on Valentine’s Day this year. She is very friendly and sociable and although she is only small, she certainly has a big personality!

What do you enjoy doing with Millie?


Millie enjoys nothing more than a surprise trip to the beach. She loves a good long walk and has completed the 7 mile Pier to Pier walk from Clacton to Walton, and even got herself a shiny medal at the end. Millie loves training in the garden and her favourite trick is the ‘twist’ where she spins around as if doing a dance. Of course, fetching the ball is always on her to do list too and, being a girl, she also loves nothing more than an afternoon of pampering and grooming.

How did Millie join the family?

Millie joined the Webb family as a puppy at 10 weeks old and we cannot imagine life without her now. She is just a fluffy ball of happiness in our day. From the moment we wake in the morning she is excited to see us, up until the evenings cuddled up on the sofa.

Are there any special memories you have with Millie?

Unfortunately, although Millie is only four years young, she has had hip dysplasia twice and had to have two separate operations. Nevertheless, she has never let this affect her and still likes to try and keep up with the big dogs on her country walks.

Do you have a funny story you can share involving Millie?

The funniest story about Millie is when we opened our Halstead office. She would sit in the front window watching the world go by and many people would go past and sing, how much is that doggy in the window? To which we would always reply, ‘she is, of course, priceless.’

About Martin & Lisa

Martin & Lisa Webb have been married for five years and live on the Essex/Suffolk border. Working together locally they started Breadmore Webb Estate Agents in 2012 and have offices located in Halstead and Coggeshall. They both enjoy cooking, walking and have a passion for photography.

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