Essex’s best walks: From Ramsey to Copperas Bay on the Essex Way

PUBLISHED: 15:30 11 July 2019 | UPDATED: 15:38 11 July 2019

From Ramsey to Copperas Bay on the Essex Way

From Ramsey to Copperas Bay on the Essex Way


This perfect walk for a summer’s day takes you from Ramsey village to the River Stour at Copperas Bay via the Essex Way | Words and photos: Laurie Page Public Rights of Way Team at Essex County Council

The walk

1) From the pub entrance, go right up The Street into the village. After about 150 metres, take the footpath on the right between houses, going up past the Weslyan Chapel. Ascend to where the path turns sharp left. Then go through a kissing gate and bear right to the metal gate at the fence on the other side of the field.

To your left is the windmill. Continue diagonally across a little meadow, through a gate, then diagonally across the corner of a crop field to another metal kissing gate where you then proceed along by the horse paddocks to two gates side by side. Take the metal gate on the right.

From Ramsey to Copperas Bay on the Essex WayFrom Ramsey to Copperas Bay on the Essex Way

2) Continue through a crop field. At the end, go straight on into the next field, on a wide farm track. Pass a pond to the right. Continue all the way to the road where you turn left. Keep on the left side of the road where you can use a permissive path along the edge of the crop field.

Pass Copperas House to the right and take the next footpath on the right around a metal gate and onto a wide track. At Copperas Wood, keep left on the main track. Cross the railway line over the brick bridge and at the fence take the path going left.

3) Follow the yellow way marker arrows through vegetation. Cross a little footbridge and continue through the trees. Then cross another footbridge and walk parallel to the River Stour. On the opposite side of the river you can see the tower of the Royal Hospital School at Holbrook.

From Ramsey to Copperas Bay on the Essex WayFrom Ramsey to Copperas Bay on the Essex Way

After some distance you pass over a footbridge and through a gate by the house, then another footbridge and gate where you turn left, going uphill alongside a large field. Join a stony track and at the top go right along by the railway line. There are wonderful, distant views of the river to the right. When you reach the brick bridge on the left, cross over the railway line.

4) At the footpath junction soon after, go straight on up a dusty track. This brings you to a lane where you turn left and then immediately turn left again onto a footpath. This bends right and at the end of the field, where it meets Stow Wood, turn right off the track, going alongside the wood.

The path then goes left over a footbridge into the wood. Cross a track and go straight on through the trees. At the end you reach the road. Turn left and cross the road and almost immediately look out for the footpath on the right. Enter a large meadow and go left, keeping alongside the hedge to your left. Continue through a gate into the next field.

From Ramsey to Copperas Bay on the Essex WayFrom Ramsey to Copperas Bay on the Essex Way

5) In the corner of the field, do not cross the bridge but go right following around the field boundary. This bends left and at the next footpath junction by the hedgerow, go straight ahead along the field edge. There are good views to the right. Cross a track. At the tree you turn left.

This bends right and runs along by a row of trees. Go down to the hedge row and cross the ditch where you turn right. Soon after turn left through the gap in the hedge and then turn right along the field edge. Continue into the next field keeping the hedge to your right and you reach a wooden gate where you now retrace your steps through the horse fields, then to the windmill and back down to the village.

Essex’s best walks: From Ramsey to Copperas Bay on the Essex WayEssex’s best walks: From Ramsey to Copperas Bay on the Essex Way

Ordnance Survey maps are available from all good booksellers and outdoor stores or visit the online shop

Distance: 4.9 miles (7.9km)

Starting point: The Street, Ramsey CO12 5HH

How to get there: From the A120 to Harwich, turn off left on the B1352, At the next roundabout turn left again, into The Street. Park in the road near the Castle Inn.

Map: OS Explorer 184 Colchester, Harwich & Clacton on Sea.

Refreshment: The Castle Inn pub where you start the walk. Call 01255 880739.

Place of interest nearby: A few miles east is the town and port of Harwich. You can visit the Harwich Redoubt, a fort built in 1808 to defend the port against a Napoleonic invasion. Also of interest is the Electric Palace Cinema, the lighthouses (both museums) and the harbour from where passenger ferries sail to Holland. Planned for 2020 is the opening of the house of Christopher Jones, Captain of the famous ship The Mayflower, who lived and was married at Harwich.

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