A bracing winter walk around Littley Green

PUBLISHED: 17:04 10 January 2014 | UPDATED: 17:04 10 January 2014




The Walk

1 From the pub, take the road north, going gently uphill for some distance. After about half a mile, when you reach the next road junction, turn left. Further along the road, take the next footpath on the right, which is a wide grass path. Continue right to the end and turn left continuing alongside the crop field. The path bends right, where you use a footbridge to the left of the ford in order to cross the stream. The path meanders past a pond and continues to where the track bends right again, passing alongside the large lake.

2 At the path junction, by the fishing hut, turn left up a wide, stony track. At the end, when you reach the farm, go left on the other side of the corrugated barn and then right past a large wooden barn to the road. (For a shortcut, you can go left straight along the road). Turn right and at the crossroads soon after, turn left along the road. Proceed down to the road bridge and take the footpath on the left on the other side. This is a grass path along a raised bank. Follow this path for over a mile. Eventually, it bends gradually left to a little path 
T-junction. Turn left and follow the footpath way marker sign, through a field to a little stile. In the next long field, the path follows a hedge line to the left. At the other end, you are taken over a stile and footbridge, then onto a road junction (where you meet the above mentioned shortcut).

3 Follow the road signed to Leez Priory. Here the road bends right (but you may wish to continue straight ahead just to view the Priory. This is now a privately owned venue for weddings but was once the home of Lord Richard Rich, Chancellor of England in the 16th century). Continue gently uphill to where the road bends sharply left. Here, go straight on along a footpath, which is a straight concrete track. After some distance, this converts to a stony grass track. Proceed down to the end, where you meet the road.

4 Here, you can take another shortcut left, which takes you directly back to the pub. Otherwise, continue straight on, and on the left, opposite Littley Park House, take the footpath across a field and through a metal gate on the other side, and then down to another gate, then bear right going down towards the brook. Look out for a footbridge on the left. Cross this and continue along the path running parallel with the brook. You have to negotiate a watery ditch and then a stile, before you proceed through a long, narrow field. At the end, go over the stile to the byway. Turn left going uphill to the road. Turn left again and the pub is another 5-minute walk, just past the next road junction on the left.

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