Take a stroll around Tollesbury

PUBLISHED: 09:22 21 July 2015 | UPDATED: 09:35 21 July 2015




It is always nice to walk down by the sea or along by the river in the summer. Here is a walk from the village of Tollesbury down to the River Blackwater, a popular boating area at this time of year

1 From The Square, proceed along Church Street to the end of the road where the footpath converts to a track alongside the common with the war memorial to your right. Look out for a footpath on the left which takes you diagonally across a little meadow. At the end, at a footpath junction, bear left and follow along the edge of a footpath junction with a hedge on your right. Continue into the next large field and at the end you reach the lane (Mell Road) where you turn right along the lane. Just before you reach the wooden gate, which is the entrance to Mell Farm, take the footpath on the left.

2 Get over a stile and continue along the narrow path between hedges. Proceed past Wick Farm on your left and onto a wide track. Before the end, by the metal gate, take the footpath on the right over a stile. To the left you can see in the distance the old Bradwell Power Station. And the recently erected wind turbines. Continue to the end of the narrow path to the sea wall. Here turn right. Follow the meandering path on top of the sea wall for some distance, going over a gate. Continue, for some distance over another gate and after the path curves right, it runs parallel with the River Blackwater. Here can be seen all sorts of river craft including sailing boats, jet skiers, motor boats and larger vessels. After another stile you can choose to remain on the top path or, if there is a chill wind, follow the sheltered bottom path that runs along the bottom of the bank. Where this track leads to a junction, you turn right away from the river and across a culvert spanning the ditch.

3 This track (Thistley Road) soon has a concrete surface. Then later on, it becomes a wide unmade dusty surface. Continue straight on all the way until you eventually reach Bohuns Hall walking between the Farm buildings. The surface becomes a Tarmac lane which is the southern end of Church Street where you can walk along the edge of the common or walk up the lane back to the church where you started.

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