My Favourite Village...Gosfield

PUBLISHED: 11:09 24 March 2014 | UPDATED: 11:09 24 March 2014




Which is your favourite Essex village?

It would have to be Gosfield – the best village in the county!

What do you like most about Gosfield?

There are many scenic walks and even 
a nature reserve to be found in Gosfield. The golf course and ski lake are an added bonus for those who enjoy such facilities, which we do.

Have you ever lived in Gosfield or 
are you an outsider?

My family have lived in Gosfield for many generations. I lived in Gosfield for many years when my parents moved into the family home there. I hope to move back to Gosfield in the future 
and it’s currently where my fitness studio and academy is based.

What are your first memories of spending time in Gosfield?

Some of my very first memories were 
on the farm with my family, such as mowing the lawn with my dad on the ride-on mower, which is much more thrilling when you are younger than when I have to cut the grass now.

Have things changed in the village much since those early memories?

The village is still the same village 
I know and love, which I think is 
one of the greatest things about it.

Who are the characters you most enjoy bumping into in the village?

There are too many to mention. My wife and I were married in Gosfield church, as well as having our son baptised there, so we love speaking to the vicar regularly. Our son was the first baby in the vicar’s time in this parish.

What do you think the future holds for this village?

It’s a wonderful village with great, really friendly people. I just hope it can continue to be preserved with many of the characteristics it has today.

Does Gosfield have a local pub?

Indeed it does, fine ones, although as you can imagine, I’m not actually in them very often.

What is it that keeps the community spirit of this village alive?

We have many things going on. It’s a busy, friendly village. From community allotments, bell ringing and an annual village fete, there are always entertaining activities going on for families to enjoy and take part in, both locals and visitors.

Where do you find the best view 
in the village?

Sitting by the lake and watching the sunset. 
It is just beautiful.

Is there one thing you need to know about Gosfield to be considered a ‘local’?

I wouldn’t say so. 
I think, whether you are local or not, you can always enjoy Gosfield and its people.

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