High Street heroes in… Frinton on Sea

PUBLISHED: 08:37 19 May 2014 | UPDATED: 08:38 19 May 2014




This picturesque seaside town has a wealth of independent shops and a loyal, local community, making it well worth a visit if you are looking for service with a smile, as Lily Floyd discovers

FRINTON-ON-SEA is a small town on the Essex coast, based in the Tendering District. It has an old fashioned charm with beautiful scenic surroundings enabling local residents and holidaymakers to enjoy extensive walks along the famous greensward or take a short walk into the town centre to visit a variety of locally-owned, independent shops offering something to suit everyone’s requirements.

Iris Johnson, The Town Mayor for Frinton and Walton, has lived in the area for more than 50 years and is a true believer that Frinton on Sea is the place to be. She says: ‘I have lived here for many years and I’m happy to continue to do so. This vibrant place has a lot to offer people compared to other areas in Essex, as Frinton is not only a town by the sea, but it has the peace and tranquility that provides a big part of the town’s history too.’

Nevertheless, Iris is keen to explain that she still wants to encourage local residents and visitors to shop in Frinton and to keep local businesses thriving. Iris adds: ‘Over the years, Frinton has been fortunate enough to have had many private businesses trading in the town’s shopping area, Connaught Avenue, and in some cases through following generations, which we are very grateful for. Thanks to these businesses, combined with other entrepreneurs, Connaught Avenue and Walton on the Naze High Street continue to survive. I feel that allowing and encouraging major supermarkets both in our towns and villages has seen the death knell to a lot of small towns in Essex. Private traders do not have the ability to purchase in the quantities that supermarkets do, but the supermarkets do not offer the local knowledge and service in the same way that local shops communicate to their customers. I would ask all our residents and visitors to use their high streets, as we want to keep our local shops and traders open. We do not want them to be turned into residential properties.

‘For example, on our high streets we know when “Mrs Brown from number 10” has not called in for her usual supplies, so someone will take note and perhaps call her to see if she is OK. You don’t get that in an out of town supermarket. Long live Connaught Avenue and Walton High Street!’

Here Essex Life introduces you to some of the faces you might meet on a shopping trip to Frinton on Sea.

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