Getting about in Great Henny

PUBLISHED: 09:00 07 August 2015

Great Henny

Great Henny


On the Essex/Suffolk border, marked by the River Stour where the walk begins, this route takes you from Henny Street and out to the lovely countryside around the village of Great Henny

1 From the pub, walk up the road towards Sudbury and at the next road junction just past the Old Post House, turn left towards ‘Middleton Only’, going gently uphill on a narrow Tarmac lane. As the road bends sharp right, take the bridleway path on the left running between high hedges. Continue on, passing over a bridge crossing a little brook. When you reach the track, turn right going uphill.

2 Follow this track with a hard surface. The church comes into view. Immediately after the open corrugated barn, turn left along a wide grass path on the edge of a wheat field. Then turn right heading uphill towards the church. At the bungalow, go left through the lych gate into the churchyard. The Great Henny Parish Church of St Mary is usually open to the public. Proceed through the wooden gate on the other side of the churchyard and go straight on down the wide, dusty track. At the bottom, turn right.

For a shortcut you can turn left along the lane and re-join at point 5.

3Almost immediately, turn left over a stile and go up along the edge of a large meadow with the thick hedge on the right. Just before the far corner of the field, keep right going through the trees and down to where you cross a track, going straight on through more trees. You emerge into the open by a wooden fence. You are forced right alongside the fence on a wide grass path, which bends sharp left. At the bottom soon after, at the way-marker post, go left through the metal gate and follow the edge of a large meadow. Go all the way to the end where you have to get over a fragile stile and through a gate into the woodland.

4 Follow alongside a wooden a fence all the way to the end of the wood (you may have to improvise the route and deviate from the fence where the path has become overgrown), going out through a wooden gate. Bear left at the pylon and along the track to the lane. Turn left going uphill along the lane. Continue past Typerly Farm to the road junction.

If you have taken the shortcut, you will approach this junction from the left.

5 Turn right then follow the road where it immediately bends sharp left. It then bends right and a little further down, take the footpath on the left. This runs between two large fields. Go to the end where it meets the little lane. Turn right and proceed along the lane to the road junction. Here turn left and watch for traffic around the bend, but you will soon arrive back at the Henny Swan pub.

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