Pippa the golden retriever

PUBLISHED: 12:57 13 June 2016 | UPDATED: 12:57 13 June 2016

Kate and Pippa

Kate and Pippa


Manningtree’s Kate Everett is a managing partner of The Write Impression. Here she talks about her relationship with her ten-year-old golden retriever, Pippa

Pippa loves Essex LifePippa loves Essex Life

What is special about your pet?

We lost our other golden retriever, Sam, in February 2015, so we are very grateful to still have Pippa to keep us on our toes, although she misses her companion greatly too. We’ve had her for just over eight years and although she is a very loving dog, she is known among our friends and family as a mistress of thievery and escape.

What do you enjoy doing with Pippa?

One of the best things about having a dog is being able to go off and explore the Essex countryside. I’m out with Pippa every morning, rain or shine, at 6am during the week, and at weekends my husband and I head off on longer walks across the county. I think being out in the open every day really helps you to appreciate the changing seasons and the beautiful English countryside.

How did Pippa join your family?

We already had one rescue dog when we had a call asking if we would like to adopt another one. We were a bit unsure at first, but as soon as we met Pippa she won us over by being uncharacteristically well-behaved for the first few days.

Are there any special memories you have with Pippa?

Just before Sam died, we took both dogs to the north Devon coast for a holiday. We walked miles along the incredible coastline every day and the dogs were in their element. One of the most wonderful things about having a dog is the pure joy they take from the simplest of things, like running in to the sea or a having a cuddle. It’s a daily reminder of what’s really important.

Do you have any funny stories you can share involving Pippa?

Pippa is a prolific thief and has also stolen two turkeys as they were about to be served, leaving us with a veggie option for Christmas dinner two years running. Her extensive crime sheet also includes a Heston Easter egg, two birthday cakes, a whole side of salmon and anything else that’s left within reach. It’s not funny at the time, but you have to admire her stealth.

About Kate

Kate Everett is managing partner at The Write Impression, a PR and copywriting company. Pippa also comes in to the office and when she’s not annoying the staff she enjoys reading Essex Life magazine.

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