New gourmet raw dog food delivery company launches in Essex

PUBLISHED: 15:18 23 May 2018 | UPDATED: 15:46 25 May 2018

Raw Made Simple

Raw Made Simple


Raw Made Simple, based in Great Totham, is the new way to feed your dog - with lots of happy pooches to attest for its deliciousness

A new gourmet raw dog food company has started delivering nationwide from its production plant here in our county. Kay Ryder, the Managing Director of the new start up said “I’m so pleased to see my vision for top quality raw dog food ready meals finally launched, I’ve been feeding this way for years.”

The idea stemmed from many people wanting to feed species-appropriate diets; but being put off handling the raw meat. The Raw Made Simple ready meals come frozen in a recyclable bowl. You simply thaw, open, then serve.

The high quality meat is all sourced locally here in Essex and prepared at the modern facility in Great Totham. Every meal is 100% meat, no grain, rice or vegetable are added to fill out the food. The meals are particularly popular with dogs that have allergies or intolerances to certain foods. With a wide range of flavours and meats to choose from, there is something for every dog at Raw Made Simple.

Raw Made SimpleRaw Made Simple

Customers from Cornwall to Edinburgh can order and expect to receive their box of frozen goodies the very next day! “We get so many positive comments and feedback from customers all over the country” says Kay, “it really makes it all worth while seeing all these lovely dogs enjoying our meals.”

Local customers here in Essex can also get a FREE meal with every order if they choose to Click & Collect. Everyone is welcome to pop in and see how we produce the quality food; customers are reassured when they see how it is all done. Our pets are an important family member and its so important that we take care of their health and wellbeing through their diet.

Raw feeding is growing in popularity as more people understand the health benefits. Many dog owners report:

• Smaller pellet like stools which are easy to pick up

• Reduced smelling or odourless stools with less wind

• Fresh breath

• Better tar free teeth

• Glossy odour free coats

• An improved and strong immune system

• Reduced itching and licking caused by allergies

• Healthier joints and reduced inflammation

• Better internal organ function

• Reduced anal gland issues

• Pancreatitis is often easier to manage on a raw diet

• Other conditions often improve and require less medication

The ready meals are prepared with a course chunky texture to enrich the dog’s enjoyment. “We want our customers to be able to see what is in each meal” said Kay, “the difference is clear when you compare the quality of our food to that of the mainstream brands.”

There is no better time to switch to raw feeding for your dog. Having a high-quality producer right in Essex ensures you can feed the best food, lovingly handmade whilst supporting the local economy.

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