Me and my pet: The cat lady

PUBLISHED: 06:00 23 March 2016




Brentwood’s Sarah Raison has been dubbed the crazy cat lady by work colleagues, and she can’t argue that she is crazy about her cats

What is special about your pet?

I have two ginger cats, Tig and Ted, or should I say, they have me? I class them both as rescue cats to be honest and although they are similar to look at they both have completely different characters. They have their very own page on social media which keeps up with their antics and they make my home a home. They are always there when I get in from work to greet me and their favourite word is ‘treats’. No matter where they are, they will come running when they hear it.

What do you enjoy doing with Tig and Ted?

Whatever you do with your cat it will only be on their terms, but cuddles are one of the best things. Tig loves to be picked up and he will give you the loveliest cuddle, but Ted is more of a Tom cat and I think cuddles are not the done thing in his eyes. In the summer, when I’m sitting in my garden, Tig will always lay under my sun lounger. I know he’s probably just shading himself, but it gives me a sense of warmth and contentment knowing he’s there with me.

How did Tig and Ted join your family?

Tig joined us when he was left with some other kittens outside a pet shop in Dagenham. They were left in a cardboard box and were very young. Tig was the only ginger kitten and I had always wanted a ginger cat. He was very small and undernourished, so he came home with us. Tig flourished and became a beautiful tabby cat. We decided that maybe he would like some company, so found Ted. He was the most beautiful kitten and I immediately fell in love with him. He was in a cage in a pet shop and was hiding at the back of all the other kittens. His fur was covered in dried food. He really needed to be loved and looked after.

Do you have any funny stories you can share involving Tig and Ted?

Before Ted joined us, Tig was one day doing his thing in the garden. This normally involved chasing the pigeons away, but this day he had decided to climb the large tree that stands in the garden. I left him to it as he seemed pretty confident and reached the top in no time. The next time I looked out I couldn’t see him, but on closer inspection I found him still at the top of the tree – sitting in a birds nest! He sat there quite a lot after that until one day the wind blew it away.

About Sarah

I am originally from North Wales but have lived in Brentwood for almost 26 years now as my family had to move due to work commitments. I love living in Essex and have worked for Essex Police for over 11 years – it is a pleasure to serve this beautiful and diverse county. I have only been a cat owner for around five years, but already my work colleagues have labelled me ‘crazy cat lady’. My life revolves around my cats and they are always part of a conversation. However, I do also enjoy gardening, anything that involves nature and the wild, history and spending time with my family.

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