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PUBLISHED: 11:28 05 May 2015 | UPDATED: 11:28 05 May 2015




Summer will soon be upon us, in all its glory. Sarah Hammill meets three local experts who can help add the finishing touches to transform your home into a sunlit sanctuary

The Trend: Luxury Lawnmowers

Esteemed farming and landscape company, P Tuckwell, have more than 60 years’ expertise, not to mention a dedicated sales team and the highest calibre of equipment for all agricultural requirements. Ideal for mowing larger areas of lawn to tip-top perfection, compact utility tractors are increasingly becoming a popular gardening instrument, as the powerful tractor can help maintain a professional landscape finish.

The EFI system also manages engine speed and power which provides instant response to changing conditions, so no more bogging down and inconsistent cut finish when the conditions get tough. The EFI system can instantly increase power for a constant blade speed and this technology also reduces fuel consumption by lowering the power produced when it is not required. With power steering, powered cutter deck lift, a high back operator seat, electronic cutter deck engagement, cruise control and a host of other features, P Tuckwell tractors are nothing but a pleasure to operate, be it for budding gardeners or experienced landscapers.

Managing director, James Tuckwell, comments: ‘Built on the popular and reliable X500 series chassis, the X590, new for 2015, is one of the first Electronic Fuel Injected lawn tractors for the home owner market. John Deere is leading the way by bringing the technology to the market. EFI has been available in cars and larger equipment for years, however, until now, the home owner mower market has been dominated by carburettors. This exciting development is great news for the operator and owner, the EFI system removes the need for a cold start choke which means easier, more reliable starting.’

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