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PUBLISHED: 16:15 01 April 2014 | UPDATED: 16:15 01 April 2014




Floor tiles are very versatile, as they offer a wide variety in patterns, themes and configurations to adapt to your home’s style, yet they are hygienic, easy to maintain and hard wearing. Jane Hilliard, director at Specialist Floors in Colchester, has been involved in the family business for more than 13 years. She believes floor tiles are very manageable compared to wood and carpet, as they enable you to keep your floor very clean and dust free. Jane explains: ‘If you have high traffic in your home, tiles are great for areas like the hallway, kitchen and bathroom. Vinyl tiles are an ideal solution as they are forgiving if you drop anything on the floor compared to real slate, which can easily chip and break.’ Jane adds: ‘Grey is very popular and on trend at the moment, and there is even a lot of grey wood effect tiles as well as shapes, ceramics and natural designs. Amtico, for example, offers a fantastic range of abstract effect flooring such as Signature and Spacia.’

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Top Trend: Streamline Shutters

ACCORDING to Thomas Snushall, director at Smooth Movement Sashes Ltd, there are many reasons why people are choosing shutters over curtains and blinds this year. ‘Shutters can completely transform the look of your home by giving it a fresh contemporary image and it’s a versatile product, as it can be fitted to any style window. They are the perfect way to control light, as they can either allow it to flow into the room or shut out the light completely.’ Thomas adds: ‘White is a highly favoured colour for shutters. It matches most windows and this is the likely reason for their popularity. Currently, our most requested shutters are made from solid poplar wood, with 89mm louvred slats. These have a concealed push rod that gives the shutters an even sleeker finish. I believe this is the latest trend for solid wood, as it’s a similar priced alternative to MDF, but offers a more robust, solid product.’

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Top Trend: Trendy Taps

PAUL NEWMAN, founder of Paul Newman Interiors in Hadleigh, has been in the kitchen design business for more than 41 years. He reveals what he believes are the hottest hot (and cold) kitchen taps this season. Paul says: ‘There are some fantastic taps on the market at the moment, like the Kohler KARBON tap, which is engineered with carbon fibre to enhance its strength and reduce its weight. It has five pivoting joints, which gives you a total range of motion, and an adjustable tap helps you to put your water exactly where you need. It can be angled deep into the sink and extended up to 18 inches, and once you have it in position, it stays there, keeping your hands free to multi-task. It even folds neatly into a compact shape when not in use.’ Paul adds: ‘Zip HydroTaps are another great product which are really popular at the moment. These taps bring you boiling filtered water instantly, so you don’t need a kettle, and from the same tap you can get clear, great-tasting chilled filtered drinking water.’

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