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PUBLISHED: 07:00 04 August 2015 | UPDATED: 07:00 04 August 2015




The bathroom is a vital, functionary room in the house and is used on a daily basis, so why cut corners when it comes to décor and design? Sarah Hammill finds out how to create the ultimate washroom experience

Classic Ceramic

If the thought of bathroom renovation seems daunting, Ripples Bathrooms has trained designers that can maximise space in even the smallest of rooms, using their range of creative solutions, countless modules and elements that can be combined completely freely to create an individual bathroom design. Ripples brand manager, Juliet Harris, says: ‘With the Burgbad Bel collection, you give your imagination even more scope for ideas. Using our in-depth knowledge on all facilities within the bathroom and our exquisite collections, Ripples can help build your dream bathroom. Burgbad Bel includes a space saving mineral cast washbasin, under cupboard and pull out drawers, a mirror modular with vertical light and a ceramic hung water closet with a soft, close seat.’

For further information, contact Ripples Chelmsford on 01245 287977 or visit


Free-standing baths can create the illusion of more space in a washroom and can provide a greater water depth. A generous tub can be a great source of hydrotherapy, so why not immerse yourself in a beautiful spa-like experience at home; providing relaxation at the point of the day it is most needed? Better Bathrooms strive to provide generous prices, with the ultimate courteous customer service and a wide range of tubs to suit the aesthetics of a number of bathroom interiors. Louisa Bradshaw, an executive of Better Bathrooms, says: ‘Free-standing baths are growing in popularity as they provide the perfect centrepiece for a bathroom and can fit in with a variety of styles, from shabby chic to classic modern style. Free-standing baths come in a few different shapes and sizes, but whatever your preference, you can create a stylish, relaxing space without losing the practicality we require from our bathrooms.’

For details, contact Better Bathrooms on 0333 777 4777 or visit

Luxury Limestone

Volcanic limestone is a bathroom must-have of the moment and is an ideal finish alternative, packed with naturally beneficial properties. A beautiful stone that is naturally white with a glossy finish, volcanic limestone is strongly bonded, making it highly durable, and due to the quality of the material it has high insulation properties and is warm to the touch.

Teddys in Ingatestone is a family-run business and with more than 70 years of experience in creating the perfect bathroom for every home. Sales director, Dan Chapman, comments: ‘Boldly conceived as a low-slung, single piece shell, the Napoli offers the simplicity of rimless bathing combined with extreme comfort and a low step-in height. It is bath design at its best. This bath is made of volcanic limestone which insulates the bath keeping the water warm while bathing.’

For further information, contact Teddys on 01277 350800 or visit

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