Why Pro-Duct Clean are leaders in the air duct cleaning industry

PUBLISHED: 15:22 03 September 2019

Pro-Duct Clean

Pro-Duct Clean


To find out more about how Pro Duct Clean Ltd have become a leader in the duct cleaning industry we spoke to the company’s founder Nigel Smith

"Duct cleaning is dull there's no denying it. It's very low on most people's agendas until it's at the very top of people's agendas," says Nigel Smith, Managing Director of East Bergholt-based Pro-Duct Clean.

While duct cleaning or commercial kitchen cleaning is not a job most people look forward to, it is essential to meet health and safety standards and to also reduce the risk of fires.

It is also a service that nearly every hotel, school, restaurant and office block out there will require at some point. Pro-Duct Clean have worked with thousands of clients around the East of England and London offering their services to make these businesses certified and compliant.

"Anyone that has a commercial kitchen or air supply or extract in their building will need to be cleaned and certified," says Nigel. "Our biggest industry is schools and higher education establishments while we also do a lot of the big London hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants including The Dorchester, The Mandarin Oriental, Intercontinental Park Lane and many more."

Alongside air duct cleaning, Pro-Duct Clean offer a wide range of private and commercial cleaning services at an affordable rate including commercial kitchen cleans, LEV testing, carbon filter services, ESP cleans and more.

Although it may not be obvious, all air ducts will eventually get clogged over time. Pro-Duct Clean use a range of specialised extraction devices, air jets and brushes to remove the contamination while disinfectant may be used if required. There is that as well as good old-fashioned nous and graft.

Pro-Duct CleanPro-Duct Clean

To ensure safety and quality for staff and customers alike, Pro-Duct Clean have implemented a new electronic paperwork system. "Our customers receive a post clean report which consists of deposit thickness testing before and after the clean, pictures before and after the clean of as well as recommendations and a schematic," Nigel says.

"Our guys can send all that paperwork electronically and they won't start the job until they've filled it in so they're safe and the customer is safe. After they have completed the job they get signed off by the customer and marked on their attitude and skills."

Pro-Duct CleanPro-Duct Clean

How often should you get air ducts cleaned?

You can find out more about specific cleaning intervals in accordance with The Health and Safety Commission's code of practice through this link but in general cleaning intervals will be determined by a number of factors.

See here for more info.

Pro-Duct CleanPro-Duct Clean

These can include the usage of the building or room, how often the room is in use or perhaps whether the room is a wet or dry area.

All of Pro-Duct Clean's staff are trained in-house and externally to the highest level so will always be able to answer any queries regarding cleaning intervals and the related legislation.

"We have the best trained guys in the industry and that helps us deliver such great customer service," says Nigel. "Our training is carried out based on our experience - it's measured, it's attainable and ultimately certifiable."

Pro-Duct CleanPro-Duct Clean

Duct cleaning isn't a desirable job but it's one that has to be done and after 30 years experience in the industry Pro-Duct Clean are well aware of that reality.

Nigel says: "I didn't get into the industry because I love grease or love talking about it. Duct cleaning is mundane and there's no getting away from it. What I do love is great customer service

"Whilst we know it's dull we also know it's essential and we can take it off your hands, look after it and inform you of the bits you really need to know."

Pro-Duct CleanPro-Duct Clean


To find out more about how much Pro-Duct Clean's services will cost and what other services they offer, visit their website.

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