Baroque brought up to date

PUBLISHED: 15:24 19 June 2008 | UPDATED: 15:16 20 February 2013

Baroque brought up to date

Baroque brought up to date

Forget minimalism!At least that's what the designers are now urging us to do. The grandeur of baroque style is back with a bang...

Forget minimalism!
At least that's what the designers are now urging us to do. The grandeur of baroque style is back with a bang.

But what is baroque?
The style is big and bold. Think Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen meets Mozart and you are nearly there (although the purist would point out that Mozart was a tad late for the real start of the baroque movement in Europe).

Today's interpretation of baroque incorporates all the bold elements you might expect: floral garlands, grand crests and motifs, and the odd 'putti' - the plump little angel-like boys similar to cherubs. The designs are topped off with full curtains with the grandeur of swags and tails.

This time around, English designers have adopted the more European version of baroque. Based in the 17th century the Italian and Spanish styles were arguably much more florid and extravagant. The English interpretations of these had a more conservative feel to them and were reflected in certain architecture. These styles have also found their way into modern tiles now.

The advances of porcelain-based technologies mean that intricate designs and relief can be incorporated. The benefits are that the style can be carried through into areas which would otherwise require soft furnishings.

The Boudoir range is a fantastic example of what can be achieved (pictured above in the main photograph). The design has been given a contemporary feel by using more striking, darker colours and mixing reds and blacks to create effect. The lineage of the designer's ideas are clearly there though in the baroque theme.

The boldness of a makeover like this won't suit everyone, and at Colchester Tile it's only one of the many themes available. If you are feeling a little less adventurous there are toned-down, more contemporary designs to look at too. And even if that's a design bridge too far, there are always the standard beiges and whites that will stand the test of time - but will they match the 300 years of baroque?

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