Your July Horoscopes with Patricia C Byron

PUBLISHED: 17:23 24 June 2011 | UPDATED: 10:33 21 February 2013

Your July Horoscopes with Patricia C Byron

Your July Horoscopes with Patricia C Byron

What's in store for you this July? Horoscopes by Patricia C Byron...

Your Horoscopes for July 2011

By Patricia C Byron

Aries (21st March 20th April)
Both professional and domestic matters appear to be high on your agenda this month as new chapters dawn, and whilst there may be controversial issues to deal with, ensure you are not being seen as unreasonable by attempting to adhere to impossible deadlines. Peers, parents and even partners appear to be at odds, so if possible, it may be worth rethinking a strategy which can still pay off, notably around the 6th. As opportunities to travel present themselves, whether it is by road or further afield, by mid-month you are almost certainly likely to be enjoying some relaxation and a well deserved break.

Taurus (21stApril21stMay)
Some kind of agreement is in the offing Taurus. Whether you are discussing terms or agreeing some kind of domestic or familial arrangement, one way or another, you are going to have a busy time and if that involves some finances, it will do your purse no harm at all.. except money appears to be going out as fast as it is coming in. As sacrifices of all kinds appear necessary, bringing a level of ambivalence to the fore, concentrate instead on family, friends, and those close who can offer comfort, particularly around the 14th, when a potent aspect brings all sorts of goodies to your door.

Gemini (22ndMay21stJune)
Some kind of domestic or family financial matter is about to rear its head which could exasperate even the most patient Gemini. Issues which were brought to bear some time ago are about to revisited, and if that means you are at odds with A.N. Other, you will need to be more than armed with the necessary ammunition. As Mars visits your sign bringing action, determination, and raising the temperature in all that you undertake, you are likely to display all the quick witted responses for which your sign is noted. If you can ensure that in doing so, you dont use a sledgehammer to crack a nut, success and financial dividends are yours for the taking.

Cancer (22ndJune22ndJuly)
The third of three eclipses is about to take place in your sign on the 1st July and has the potential to alter how you are seen in the world. With your personal and professional relationships highlighted, as well as domestic issues in the frame offering tensions and deadlocks, you are likely to be under considerable duress to make changes to accommodate others. If that feels uncomfortable, you should consider what it is you can do to help yourself. Take time to consider your own health and wellbeing and take time too to socialise with friends.. they are the perfect antidote right now.

Leo (23rdJuly22ndAugust)
You may be seeking a quiet month before your birthday, but the heavens have a different agenda. Planetary activity suggests that you are about to become involved in a behind the scenes activity which may involve colleagues and/or partners, and those you share you daily activities with. This will not be without its difficulties or its angst as discussions take place involving your work and even, potentially health matters. Partners have their own issues to deal with, so give them the slack they need. Meanwhile, significant changes are likely in your work, so embrace the changes which will lead to greater fulfilment in the future.

Virgo (23rd August 23rd September)
As summer is here it may be the time to devote your energies to the lighter side of life. If that means spending time with offspring, or devoting yourself to assisting partners and their enterprises, then your energies are well placed, and rewards likely. Meanwhile, as professional matters are still uppermost in your mind, it would seem that you may have to force the pace somewhat particularly as it appears that contracts and finances are all under discussion. Agreements are likely around the 6th, and if that means other partnership issues can be adopted prepare yourself for a meeting of minds around the 18th.

Libra (24thSeptember23rdOctober)
As professional and domestic issues have brought their own share of troubles, a new and extremely influential solar eclipse on July 1st is about to bring new developments to your life. Powerful planetary activity suggests that there are about to be major upheavals and if battles of will become evident, you are going to have to use all the Libran diplomacy you can muster to preserve the status quo in the coming months particularly after the 4th. It is not all doom and gloom Libra. Potent creative and potentially romantic success is on the cards around mid-month so ensure you take time out to indulge where and with whom you can.

Scorpio (23rd October 21st November)
Recent events have upped the ante bringing fresh opportunities. If that means youre in touch with those who can in some way, further your dreams, its all to the good. A powerful solar eclipse on the 1st will bring the support you need, and whilst Scorpios are not generally known for being timid, it is important that you know the facts before you launch any campaign which could alienate the very people you wish to encourage. Meanwhile, there is huge potential for financial growth this month, so whilst domestically there are still hurdles to overcome, you should be painting the town red by mid month.

Sagittarius (22nd November 21st December)
After a busy few weeks, it is time to get your house in order. Whether you are considering altering the status quo domestically, or are involved in some kind of financial negotiations around such matters, it is time to overcome recent delays. As finances are set to improve around the 7th, it seems a most fortuitous month. The only difficulties surround a clash of interests and if finances are the root cause of the differences, you may need to seek assistance. Whilst others offer encouragement and support around the 18th, there does appear to be some scores to settle between the two sides.

Capricorn (22ndDecember 20thJanuary)
After months of being on the back foot, it is time to move on Capricorn. A potent solar eclipse is about to bring about changes in your personal and professional partnerships particularly where the past is involved, or where there is unfinished business. Whilst it will not be without its difficulties, particularly around the 17th when there is clash of wills, it will be worth moving on as now there are likely to be other issues which need to be attended to. You may still feel like a fish out of water, but it is time to give attention to your health and wellbeing which will in turn assist you in living life. The romantic side of life looks particularly promising around the 15th.

Aquarius (21stJanuary19thFebruary)
As a new chapter takes hold of your domestic life, your day to day activity is about to alter significantly. Whilst there appears to be something of a financial or moral coup coming your way with the assistance of friends, a Solar Eclipse on the 1st heralds a new phase which could bring its own stresses and strains to your health and wellbeing. So, if you feel you have an issue which is in need of some extra TLC, or you need to seek some kind of specialist advice dont dally. With your ruler Saturn unhindered, you should be marching on full steam ahead. Just ensure that you do not overstep the mark; you need to keep others onside.

Pisces (20thFebruary20th March)
As you have spent much of this year in a spin, it is time to take advantage of powerful contacts which you have, some of whom can light the way to a more rewarding existence. Both personally and professionally there are alliances in the offing which can change your life and bring you the recognition you deserve. Grasp all opportunities with both hands Pisces around the 7th and 18th when personal and professional agreements bring all manner of good things to your table. If that wasnt enough, a ground breaking creative enterprise or hobby is on the cards, and although there are some difficult choices to make, it will be good to be in the driving seat for a change.

Copyright Patricia C Byron


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