Me and My Pet: Flash & Rusty

PUBLISHED: 12:16 29 November 2016

EXG DEC 16 Pets

EXG DEC 16 Pets


Adam and Tracy Jones run Brera PR consultancy from Barling Magna, near Southend and are real animal lovers, but no-one gets more attention than cocker spaniels Flash and Rusty

EXG DEC 16 Pets  EXG DEC 16 Pets

About Adam & Tracy Jones

Adam and Tracy Jones run their PR consultancy, Brera, from Barling Magna, near Southend. Specialising in art, travel, tourism and retail, the business has a portfolio of local, national and international clients. When not writing press releases, liaising with journalists or promoting major exhibitions, Adam and Tracy enjoy looking after their menagerie of doves, chickens, cats and, of course, cocker spaniels Flash and Rusty.

What is special about your pets?

EXG DEC 16 Pets  EXG DEC 16 Pets

It might be a cliché but it is their characters. Flash and Rusty have distinct personalities and each has a real sense of humour. I often think how amazing it is that a human being and a dog can have such a close bond and what a gift these animals are in our lives. I broke my leg in a horse riding accident two years ago and when I came home from hospital, Flash wouldn’t leave my side. Today, when I take Tracy to the train station in the morning, both dogs insist on coming for a ride in the back of the car.

How will you be spending Christmas with Flash and Rusty this year?

Rusty will be wearing his reindeer antlers and trying to steal turkey, ham and homemade cheese straws, while Flash will be sous chef-ing in the kitchen, hoping for a sausage. And turkey, ham and cheese straws! Both dogs enjoy ‘helping’ to wrap and unwrap presents while frisking visitors’ bags for tasty treats and gifts.

EXG DEC 16 Pets  EXG DEC 16 Pets

Do Flash and Rusty have any special Christmas treats?

Flash is rather partial to a beer, while Rusty, having few boundaries, is known to snarf champagne and white wine from unattended glasses. Santa Claws is always very generous, delivering squeaky cuddlies to both boys, which is a real joy when nursing a sore head on Boxing Day. After Christmas lunch, Rusty likes to lick the plates as they are loaded into the dishwasher. This is tolerated so long as two paws remain on the floor.

How did Flash and Rusty join your family?

I’d always wanted a dog since I was a little boy, but was never allowed one by my parents. The first time I clapped eyes on Flash, I knew he was perfect and he seemed to feel the same. We’re pretty much inseparable and he really is my best friend in furry form. We’d had Flash for a couple of years when, while holidaying in mid Wales, I met a gamekeeper whom, over a few beers, revealed that he had a golden cocker he couldn’t take to. While tucking into a handsome dinner and very good claret in Lake Vyrnwy Hotel, the gamekeeper rang to say he’d got the dog outside. I excused myself from the table with the classic line that I was just nipping out to see a man about a dog. We brought him home and he has developed into a wonderful dog. He’s a real character but very, very naughty.

Do you have any funny stories you can share involving Flash and Rusty?

Some years ago, I threw my hat into the political arena and ran for election to Southend Borough Council. Flash was my campaign mascot and one day, Jeremy Hunt visited the town, when he was then Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. He and Flash hit it off to such an extent they were filmed by the BBC and subsequently made the evening news together.

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