Duties of the Duchess of Cambridge

PUBLISHED: 20:57 22 July 2013 | UPDATED: 20:58 22 July 2013

EXG WEB EX royal

EXG WEB EX royal


It is now more than two years since Kate woke up at Buckingham Palace, having spent her first night as a member of the royal family. Her life has changed irrevocably yet she and William have proved they are very much a couple of the 21st century as the Queen enters the twilight of her reign.

When they are at their home in Wales, Kate shops at local supermarkets and cooks for her husband — jam-making is a hobby. They both enjoy taking long walks with their cocker spaniel, Lupo, spending evenings watching the television series Downton Abbey and visiting the cinema.

When in London, they still live as simply as possible while they wait for renovations to their apartments at Kensginton Palace to be completed. Even after the birth, they plan to employ just a housekeeper, and spend their time riding their tandem bike — a wedding present — in the Palace gardens.

This routine will change with a baby, but even when she was pregnant, Kate was still seen wandering around the shops, buying moisturiser, ordering a skinny latte coffee and popping into Peter Jones department stores. Kate — and William — want life to be as normal as possible.

And that is one of the reasons why the public has warmed to Kate because although she is naturally shy, she and William have a genuine love and affection for each other. They work together very closely as a team — although they are both highly competitive when it comes to sport. With William’s support, she has grown in confidence and stature.

He, in turn, has ensured that Kate’s parents, Carole and Michael, to whom they are both very close, are not sidelined — and when Kate returns to her parent’s home in Berkshire to nurse her newborn baby, their role as a pivotal part of the young royals’ lives will be cemented forever.

From her first official duty as a married woman when she and William met Barack and Michelle Obama to her last official engagement at the Trooping of the Colour before the birth of her baby, the Duchess of Cambridge has managed to shine.

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