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PUBLISHED: 22:04 29 October 2013 | UPDATED: 14:08 15 November 2013




In the UK it’s estimated that eight million real Christmas trees are bought every year.

Studies show that a real tree is five times more environmentally friendly than an artificial tree. One reason for this is that Christmas trees improve air quality. Every acre of Christmas trees grown produces the daily oxygen for 16 people and a hectare absorbs six tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

Christmas tree plantations are also wonderful haven for a wide variety of wild life.

The most popular tree is now the Nordmann Fir with its excellent needle retention. These trees are planted at the seedling stage when they have already been growing for 4 years. It takes another 6-8 years before they are ready to harvest. Our trees are cut at the last possible moment so they are delivered fresh to the garden centre.

Choosing a tree can be a difficult task so we unwrap and display each tree upright so you can see it as it will be in your home.

A freshly grown Christmas tree adds something really special to your home – from its beautiful foliage to its festive scent.

Christmas trees will continue to draw water through it’s trunk,so we recommend that you remove 3cm from the base and place in water. Although not essential for the Nordmann Fir, it will still keep it fresh.

The Nordmann Fir will easily last beyond Christmas and we recommend that you recycle your tree via the council or even the zoo where they are used in the monkey houses!

Our trees will be available from the end of November so please call in for great personal service and advice.


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