Business advice 101: Turning your entrepreneurial dreams into a reality

PUBLISHED: 09:53 07 August 2018 | UPDATED: 10:48 07 August 2018




Setting up an online business can be a great deal of fun and if approached in the right manner, it will also represent a very rewarding venture. However, transforming this dream into a reality requires much more than inspiration alone

Without appreciating the “nuts and bolts” of the initial setup process, failure is almost certain.

This is why it is important to have a clear vision in place as well as to appreciate which tactics will prove to be the most useful. So, where should you begin and what tools can you leverage along the way?

Setting a Clear Game Plan and Sticking With It

Establishing a profitable online business requires just as much perspiration as it takes a flash of inspiration. Still, you need to begin from a strong foundation. Although the process are likely to differ slightly from owner to owner, there are still some discrete steps which will help to establish clear milestones as you progress. We can break these issues down into such categories as:


• Developing a logo and brand identity.

• Identifying your target audience.

• Purchasing a relevant and memorable domain name.

• Creating your website from the ground up.

• Marketing your unique products and services.

Another metric to consider when contemplating how to start a business involves constant reevaluation. In other words, the work is never truly complete. Once you have begun the sales and marketing process, always make it a point to obtain feedback and to regularly gauge the efficacy of a specific campaign.

The chances are high that you will be required to make adjustments as you progress, so developing a proactive approach is the best way to make sure that things run smoothly well into the future.


The (Digital) Tools of the Trade

Although the advice mentioned above is easy to appreciate from a conceptual point of view, implementation can sometimes be challenging; particularly if you are not entirely familiar with the digital domain.

This is when the cloud-based services of the e-commerce specialists at Shopify can help. By providing you with a number of intuitive tools, it has never been easier to create and promote your online store. Some of the areas covered by this portal include:

• Bespoke e-commerce solutions.

• Order tracking.

• The creation of customised web pages.

• Mobile-friendly solutions.

• Detailed pipeline and sales analytics.

• Social media campaigns.

Let’s also not forget that these professionals will enable you to enact the proper SEO approaches when the time is right; dramatically increasing your exposure and enhancing your search engine rankings. Intended for novices as well as professionals, little will be left to the imagination.

Thousands of websites are being created on a daily basis and the digital e-commerce community continues to grow at an incredible pace. Second-best solutions simply will not suffice in this day and age. The good news is that with a bit of preparation and insight, achieving even the loftiest of business dreams is well within your reach.

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