A toast to the roast

PUBLISHED: 10:49 27 February 2017 | UPDATED: 16:25 27 February 2017

Wivenhoe House, Jo Hunter

Wivenhoe House, Jo Hunter


It’s one of those delicious smells that triggers childhood memories of family gatherings, what else could it be but a Sunday roast?

A toast to the roastA toast to the roast

A roast dinner is second only to fish and chips in the British popularity stakes with beef at the top of the charts, lamb second and chicken third. Seasonal roast vegetables add to the picture and of course there’s the endless debate about whether Yorkshire Puddings are permissible even if you are not having beef (obviously, the answer is yes!).

And there is no sign of our love for roast dinners diminishing with the introduction of a Best Roast Dinner Week five years ago.

Wivenhoe House BrasserieWivenhoe House Brasserie

At Wivenhoe House they appreciate that every Sunday lunch is a serious business and has a lot to live up to. Not only has the meal got to match up to those childhood memories, it is a welcome opportunity for everyone around the table to relax, chat and enjoy a leisurely Sunday afternoon, particularly if someone else is doing the preparation and the clearing up.

Wivenhoe House exteriorWivenhoe House exterior

There is also plenty to keep younger ones occupied in their convivial brasserie with a special children’s menu, colouring and plenty of parkland grounds to scamper around in, while the grown-ups extend their social time with a tea or coffee in the lounge at Wivenhoe House, overlooking a beautiful sunken lawn.

Mother’s Day, Sunday 26 March, is a favourite date for letting everyone off kitchen duty, mothers and fathers alike! This special day is celebrated on various dates in 46 countries around the world. In the UK Mother’s Day has been marked in various forms since the 16th Century. With the arrival of the industrial revolution the tradition waned, to be revived when US troops were stationed in the UK during World War Two.

All mother's dining at Wivenhoe House on Mother's Day will receive a small giftAll mother's dining at Wivenhoe House on Mother's Day will receive a small gift

Along with stockings and cigarettes they brought their Mother’s Day celebrations, which had only started in the States at the turn of the 20th century. They would traditionally give carnations, a symbol of the virtue of mothers, early in May and even then were a highly commercialised affair. While the British took the revival of this tradition to heart we kept to the original date of the fourth Sunday in Lent, the reason Mother’s Day moves each year.

And of course we stuck with the idea of a roast dinner!

You can book your table for Mother’s Day or any Sunday on 01206 863666.

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