Recipe: Smoked haddock and parmesan tartlet (starter)

PUBLISHED: 09:00 10 February 2016

Smoked haddock and parmesan tartlet

Smoked haddock and parmesan tartlet


Chef Terry Howard, owner and head chef of The Creek, shares one of his coveted recipes

Terry HowardTerry Howard

Head chef and owner of The Creek in Great Bentley, Terry Howard cut his teeth in restaurants in London’s West End but moved to Essex 12 months ago for a better way of life for him and his family. ‘When we found The Creek we knew we’d found a better life for our family. Our menu is based on my experience as a classically-trained, high-end chef. The locals call us the posh place on the hill and our menu is often referred to as fine dining, but that’s not a label I’d use. Our dishes are simply well-presented, using quality ingredients which diners can enjoy at any time. So whether it’s for a special occasion or just a casual lunch, we’d like readers to come and just enjoy the food we prepare.’

Here Terry shares his recipe for a tasty starter of smoked haddock and Parmesan tartlet, smoked salmon, walnut and rocket salad, soft quail egg with a grain mustard dressing.

Ingredients (Serves 6)

For the tartlet

Puff pastry (block or sheet)

Half a pint of double cream

3 eggs

200g of smoked haddock


Dill or chives

Rice and cling film

For the salad

100g of smoked salmon

A handful of walnuts

100g of rocket leaves

6 quail eggs

For the dressing

1 tsp of grain mustard

2 tsps of white wine vinegar

1 tsp of honey

50ml of olive oil


Grease your tartlet case with butter. Roll out the puff pastry and cut into circles approx 1 inch wider than your tartlet case then line the inside carefully. Gently prick the bottom of the puff pastry with a fork. Fill cling film with rice then place in the mould for blind baking. Bake at 180C for approx 6-8minutes until slightly golden. When ready, allow to cool, remove the rice parcel and gently brush the pastry with an egg yolk, then bake for a further 2 minutes, this seals any holes you have in the pastry. Cut the haddock into 1cm cubes and place in the moulds with your choice of chopped dill or chives. Whisk your cream and 2 remaining eggs until smooth, season with salt and pepper, then pour the mix over haddock and finish with grated parmesan. Bake in the oven on 180C for approx 8-10minutes until golden.

Place your quail eggs into boiling water for 2.30minutes. Peel when ready to serve

Place your walnuts on a tray. Drizzle with a little olive oil, salt and pepper to taste then bake in the oven for approx 5 minutes. Roughly chop your smoked salmon into small pieces and place in a mixing bowl with the rocket and your walnuts once ready.

Put your honey, vinegar and grain mustard into a bowl and whisk until smooth, then slowly add your olive oil while still whisking. Finish with a little squeeze of fresh lemon, salt and pepper to taste.

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