Recipe: Seared king scallops, crispy Parma ham and sweetcorn puree with a pomegranate dressing

PUBLISHED: 13:40 22 August 2016

EXG SEP 16 recipe dog

EXG SEP 16 recipe dog


Head chef Andy Jenkins has been at the Dog & Gun in Little Waltham since it was extensively refurbished and reopened in December 2012.

EXG SEP 16 recipe dog  EXG SEP 16 recipe dog

‘I worked with Darren Bennett at the Magic Mushroom in Billericay up until then,’ he says. ‘As he’s one of the owners, I came across to work here.’ Andy has just introduced a new menu which also has a set lunch and a set dinner menu and this recipe is one of the new starters. Also on this new menu, look out for tournedo rossini fillet steak with a wild mushroom jus and also a herb-crusted salmon. Here Andy shares his recipe for a colourful scallop starter…


Serves 1

3 king scallops

Malden Salt

Cracked black pepper

1 corn cob

1 knob of butter

1 lemon/or lemon juice

60ml of pomegranate juice

60ml of olive oil

1 pomegranate (seeded)

1 Parma ham slice


For the king scallops, season with Malden salt and cracked black pepper. Sear the scallops for 40 seconds each side and leave to rest.

For the sweetcorn puree, roast the whole corn cob for 20mins at 200C. Cut a three inch piece off one end of the cob and chargrill to blacken slightly. Scalp off some off the charred kernels for garnish. Using the rest of the cob, with a knife, scalp off the rest of kernels. Puree in a blender with a knob of butter to a smooth consistency, and season. Add a squeeze of lemon to taste.

For the pomegranate dressing, reduce the juice in a pan on a medium heat until it’s reduced by two thirds, then leave to cool. While whisking, slowly pour in the olive oil, then add in the seeds.

For the Parma ham crisp, press the Parma ham slice between sheets of greaseproof with a weight on top. Put into a hot oven and cook for 10 mins or until golden and crisp.

Finally, arrange the corn puree on your plate and place the scallops on top. Add a drizzle of dressing and sprinkle over with shards of Parma ham.

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