Recipe: Baked Alaska

PUBLISHED: 07:00 09 March 2016

Delicious Baked Alaska

Delicious Baked Alaska


Daniel Lamprecht, executive chef at The Queen’s Head in Fyfield, shares his recipe for Baked Alaska: lemon curd ice cream, candied lemons and poached blueberries

Daniel LamprechtDaniel Lamprecht

Wanting to escape the commuting rat race, Daniel Lamprecht, executive chef at the Queen’s Head in Fyfield, left his work in the City and tried his hand on the stoves instead. Originally born in Zimbabwe, he moved to England when he was 11. Initially he was running The Queen’s Head but when the pub came up for sale, Daniel snapped it up. ‘I decided to learn to cook professionally so I took myself off to Leiths and took a full diploma and passed with a distinction.’ Here Daniel shares his recipe for a delicious dessert...

Ingredients (Serves 6-8)

For the Genoise sponge

Oil for greasing

4 eggs

125g of caster sugar

55g of butter (melted to room temperature)

125g of plain flour

For the Italian meringue

180g of caster sugar

15g of glucose

3 egg whites

40ml of water

For the candied lemons

1 lemon

200g of sugar

200ml of water

A punnet of blueberries


For the Genoise sponge, take a saucepan full of water two inches from the top and bring to the boil. Place a bowl on top of the water (not touching). Add the eggs and sugar to the bowl and whisk until sabayon (until it doubles in size to a foamy texture). Then pour the butter into the bowl gently around the edges and fold in the flour. Once mixed, pour into a lined, square 30cm baking tin and bake at 180C degrees for 20-25 minutes.

For the Italian meringue, place sugar, glucose and water into a saucepan. Bring slowly to the boil until the temperature reaches 120C. Just before, start to whisk the egg whites until they firm a stiff peak with an electric whisk. Trickle in the sugar syrup around the sides of the bowl containing your peaked egg whites while whisking on a medium speed. Do this until all of the sugar syrup is mixed in and the mixture is cool and shiny. Place the mix in to a piping back with a star nozzle.

For the candied lemons, place the sugar and water on the heat until the sugar dissolves. In the meantime, thinly slice the lemon. Place the slices of lemon in to the syrup mixture and leave until the lemon softens. Remove the slices and place on to greaseproof paper until cool.

For the poached blueberries, using the sugar syrup from above, place a punnet of blueberries in to the saucepan and bring to the boil. Take off the heat and allow to cool. Drain and they are ready to serve.

To Finish, cut a round of your sponge to use as your base. Then, place a ball of the lemon curd ice cream in the middle of the sponge base. Pipe or spoon the Italian meringue around the ice-cream so it’s completely covered, including the base. Place in the oven on 200C for 5 to 8 minutes, until the meringue starts to turn golden. Decorate on a pate with your candied lemons and blueberries.

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